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AOIPL Software : Portfolio

Welcome to AOIPL Software website

  1. We do it right the first time. And always thereafter.

  2. We just do not deliver software, we deliver a Business Solution.

  3. We use mature technology and framework which provides long time flexibility, scalability and sustainability.

  4. We offer FREE three-months-warranty for every solution we provide.

  5. Low overheads keep the cost down. Our owners are technical directors and are heavily involved in project management.

  6. We won't promise your website will be in Google's top search results in one day. It's just not possible. No marketing con or attempt to over-sell.

  7. Experienced college-educated developers. All our technicans have a full time University degree or Masters. Our project managers are adequately trained.

  8. Robust coding standards and use of appropriate frameworks and development keep our delivery cost low and solutions fit for purpose.

  9. A long list of happy customers and 95% positive feedback .

  10. Approachable. Customer-friendly. More than 90% of our income to date are from repeat businesses.

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