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AOIPL - Vision, Mission & Values

World around us is changing at an enormous speed. Which makes it ever so challenging for a start-up like ours because at core of everything we do we must remain up to date with what is available now. And at same time keep a vigil on what's next and be intuitive to prepare for the shift as it happens. What more, we need to constantly innovate as well to stay ahead in the league. So we need a roadmap that covers all of this and prepares us for the destination. Our mission shapes our today, our vision prepares us for tomorrow. And we can only prepare today for tomorrow when all of us believe in our values that are core to how we work and operate.
AOIPL Software - Vision, Mission & Values

The AOIPL Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best software in the for Thrift and Credit Society that enables Societies to run more efficiently, comply with DCS Act and regulations, and most importantly, improve Customer Satisfaction and care.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the recognized leader for Thrift and Credit Society Information. Being the leader means we will achieve operational excellence, deliver the highest value to our customers, and produce forward thinking products.

AOIPL Software - Company Profile

Born on a cold and damp December morning in 2001 from a small and spare room-used-as-an-office , we operated in the Indian market as A’ OMEGA INFOTEK for over 5 years before forming the present company. The name has slightly changed however the basic ethos of the company hasn't, nor has the customer-focused business principles that brought the like-minded individuals together to form this venture. AOIPL was born out of a desire of making technology available, affordable and applicable. We called it an a3 vision and our present vision also has it as an important element.
AOIPL Software - Available, Affordable, Applicable

Today's is an extremely dynamic world of business where information is created, processed and passed at the speed of thought. Technology is no longer a requirement but a real driver of the business. The right information at the right time helps you make the right decision. On top of that you need a global presence. There is no better means to achieve this than having your own web site. Not just a web site off the shelf but one that represents you, identifies you, dignifies you. This needs a thorough understanding of your business, your goals and your aspirations. That's where we fit in. We aim to work in tandem with you and your business. We approach your business very sincerely, assimilate your processes minutely and analyse your requirements to the last bit. We call it an a3 strategy. With us you get a working partner who not only supplies the technological solution for you but also predicts your future requirements, which will match your aspirations. With us you are already a step ahead of your competitors; we make them think about the way you use technology for your needs. For us it's although just a journey begun. We further assist you in making decisions about possible business expansion; we help you managing risks in your technological advancement. We can do this by constantly watching the growth of technology in a global arena and by trying the most cost effective solutions for your business. We anticipate your needs, acquire right technology solutions and advise you accordingly; all for you to make an impact in the market. We call it an a3 partnership.

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